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Dalilin Da Yasa Muka Yiwa Buhari Ihu -`Yan Majalisar PDP

Why We Promoted Buhari Jesus - Members of the PDP

One of the members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ruling party said they had been blaming President Buhari for their lack of concern over the failure of the federal government to implement the 2018 budget as it presented.
Last Wednesday, some members of the House of Representatives blamed Buhari when he arrived at the House of Representatives to introduce the 2019 budget.
When President Buhari entered the hall, some members quenched "noooo", "noooo" with a "false", "fake" cry when Buhari began to announce the success of his government.
Speaking to journalists after the presentation of the budget, the chairman of the PDP House of Representatives, Chukwuma Onyema, expressed disappointment to the members of the House of Representatives on the role of the executive body in selecting the services that would be launched by the participants in its 2018 budget.
He also stated that even the strike by the House of Representatives has been linked to the launch of the 2018 budget.
Earlier yesterday yesterday, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, ministers and several other Buhari leaders came to parliament to introduce the 2019 budget.
The magistrates and judges arrived at the Senate at about 11:50 am, while Buhari was expected to attend the House Hall at about 12:00 am.
However, some reports have arisen that the Sanhedrin had begun a council meeting after depression and awaiting the arrival of President Buhari.
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